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Sermon Notes
November 19, 2023

Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

"Here I Come..."

How many of you remember a fun game of hide and seek.  When I was "it" I would close my eyes and count to a number, not too high.  During that time my playmates would run and hide.  I would open my eyes and shout. “Here I come - Ready or not!” Some slowpokes were not ready.  On their way to a place but not reaching it. Maybe like us on our faith walk with Jesus.  As adults, are we trying our best to get ready or are we dragging our feet?   

Jesus wants us to stay alert.  In the Garden, prior to his arrest, Jesus asks his disciples to watch out for him at four separate times. —And what do they do?  Anybody remember?  They sleep through it.  They fail Jesus. 

How can we not fail?  If the disciples whom we call saints, were so close to him, saw him everyday, walked with him, ate with him, prayed with him, could not have his back, could not stay awake, how can we do better?   

While we wait for our Savior’s return, be active, awake and ready. Live your life by not forgetting what Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40. That whatever we do for those who are hungry, need clothes, are strangers, or are sick, we do it for Jesus. This is not someday, this is now. 

Follow the words in 1st John 3.18:     

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with action and in truth.  

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