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Into the Light

February 11, 2024 - Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

Mark 9:2-9

Today we recall a world changing event, often forgotten and overshadowed by the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   We are about to ascend the hill with Jesus as he steps up and out of his humanity into his divinity bathed in God’s shimmering light.   This is my prayer. Can we too be changed by this light?  Can we join his disciples in this epiphany?

Peter’s witness brings us firsthand to this glorious and incredible moment.  We can walk up the hill with Jesus and watch God’s light descend upon him and the prophets.  Miraculously, God’s voice then tells us what to do.

The good news is found in the same glory that transfigured the faces of Moses and Elijah and dwelt in the Temple.  The good news is that the glory of God in the Holy Spirit blessed Mary and entered into Jesus’ humanity and thus, so fortunately our own.

God became like us, that’s what Peter sees; so that, we might become like God, that’s what Peter eventually learns. This light encompassing Jesus is that same original light that says ‘Let there be light’ It’s the same light we symbolically bring into church each week. It is the light that we hope brings an end not only to diseases and wars, but to all suffering.

So, this Transfiguration Sunday, let us see what Peter saw. It is right, it is good, it is holy to always and everywhere worship.  To honor God who came to be one of us so that we too can join Jesus in God’s dwelling place. So that our humanity can be infused with the glory that is God and build his kingdom.

That’s the story of our scriptures. That’s the mystery of our faith. And how do we get there.  God tells us in three words.  “Listen to him.” Listen to his son.  Listen to Jesus.   Come into His light. Amen.

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