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Luke Chapter 16
The Unrighteous Manager

Read Luke 16:1-13 


Verse 4 - He planned for his future 


Verse 8 - There are several definitions for the word "shrewd" - here is one that fits this parable: 

                        - having or based on a clear understanding and good judgment of a situation,    

                             resulting in an advantage 


In this context, is being shrewd a bad thing? 

Is Jesus telling His disciples to be more shrewd? 


Verse 9 - Remember, Jesus is talking to His disciples here 

        Translation - Use wealth as a means (a tool) to make friends (to bring people into the

                                   kingdom) - Use wealth for spiritual benefit 


         Verse 11 - "If you have not been faithful" - meaning if you use the tool of wealth to satisfy

                                 your greed, rather than for the good of the kingdom - "who will entrust the

                                 true riches to you?" 


                            Remember, God will provide seed to the sower (II Cor. 9:10.) If you sow into the

                             kingdom, God will keep you supplied (for seed to sow, as well as for your needs) 


Verse 13 -Jesus is describing the Pharisees here - (see the next verse) 

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