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Luke Chapter 19
Part One: Z

Read Luke 19:1-10 

Verses 5-6 - Jesus knew him by name, even though they had never met 

      - And so, Zaccheus probably figured that Jesus also knew all about his deeds, his sins - he

          made no effort to hide from Jesus, but instead embraced the opportunity to be saved by



Verse 7 - Who is ''they"?     The Pharisees 

         - They grumbled - compare to Luke 15:2 


Verse 8 -Read Luke 3:12-13 (what John the Baptist said to the tax collectors)

         - I will give half to the poor - He was not keeping the other half for himself ... 

              - I will give back 4x (he needed the other half of his possessions to do this) 

                      - 4x - This comes from the Old Testament Law - see Exodus 22:1, Num. 5:7,

                           and 2 Sam. 12:6 

      - Notice that he volunteered to do these things - see the contrast with the ruler in Luke



Verse 9 - Salvation has come - there was repentance, a change of his life

      - Because he, too, is a son of Abraham 

            - This was spoken to the Pharisees, who thought they would enter the kingdom just

               because they were descendents of Abraham. Even though the whole Jewish race

               could claim the same heritage, the Phariesees looked down on those who were not

               part of their group. 

      - Son of Abraham - Read Gal. 3:7

            -Followers of Jesus are sons of Abraham through our faith 

(part 2)

(part 2)


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