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Sermon Notes
May 14, 2023

So God Made a Mother - Inspired by Paul Harvey’s 1978 Speech - So God Made a Farmer Speech

And on the sixth day, God looked down on Adam in his planned paradise and said, “I need a nurturer.” So, God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone who feels deeply and loves fiercely, whose tears flow just as abundantly as their laughter, whose heart is as warm as their ability to guide and set limits is strong. I need someone whose influence on those that they nurture is eternal.” So, God made a mother.

God said “I need someone who can hear a sneeze through closed doors in the middle of the night three bedrooms away while daddy snores next to her, who could kiss the ‘boo boos’, scare away the monsters under the bed, clean up the middle-of-the-night accidents, and live off four hours of interrupted sleep. “It must be willing to keep going, even when she thinks she has no strength left. Someone who’ll strive to love her kids and to love their father even more. I need someone who’s willing to work the second-shift, or take second-best, or play second-fiddle, so her family will have it better than she did.” So, God made a mother.


God said, “I need someone who can ride the roller-coaster of anxiety, hope, fear, and pride with an outward appearance of calm assurance as she sends her child off to his first day of school. I need someone who will buy the school supplies, drive for the field trips, help study for the history tests, fill out the permission forms, clap from the back row of the spring musical, and help coach a sport she’s never played. I need someone to teach a child to tie her shoes, make new friends, handle disappointments, shop for a prom dress, and drive a stick shift. And when that child is 18, I need someone to ride that roller coaster of anxiety, hope, fear, and pride again, as she sends her child away to college with the same calm confident outside exterior.” So, God made a mother.

God said, “I need someone who is willing to jump in a car and drive children to school, soccer games, and piano lessons daily. I need someone who can run to the grocery store twice in a day, because someone forgot to add something to the list. I need someone who can take the animals to the vet, drop off the dry cleaning and pick up prescriptions and still make sure dinner is on the table for the family to eat.” So, God made a mother.

“Somebody who realizes that children need to be allowed to grow, gain confidence in themselves, and be encouraged to be independent individuals and accept the path they choose. Somebody who realizes that their job is one where the better they are, the more surely, they won’t be needed in the long run.“

“Somebody whose breath will be taken away when they visit their first newborn grandchild in the hospital and their daughter looks at them with loving eyes and says, “I hope I can be the kind of mom you are, Mom.” So, God made a mother.

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