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Keep the Steeple Shining

Zion's Red Church is a historic landmark established in 1755. It is the oldest church in Schuylkill County.

We are a non-profit organization and maintenance costs on a historic landmark and its grounds can become a big expense. Would you consider a one-time donation to help "Keep the Steeple Shining"?

Your donation will help to keep the light shining like a beacon in the dark.

Thank you for your generosity.



Save Our Steeple


Zion’s Red Church is asking for donations.

The beam that supports our steeple

needs a major repair. 

Will you please help us

with this expensive endeavor to

maintain this historic landmark?

Your generosity will keep this light shining like a beacon in the dark, not just for our congregation, but for the whole community. 

We thank you in advance for helping us to

Save Our Steeple!


Help Zion’s Red Church Cemetery Live On 


Do you know someone who is buried in

Zion’s Red Church Cemetery?

Are your ancestors buried there?

Did you know: 

*Soldiers from as far back as the Revolutionary War

      are buried here

 *Some graves are marked in German

 *Johann Gilbert is buried here in Zion’s Red Church

      Cemetery.  He created a drawing that was the

        forerunner to the Easter Bunny today.

          We have over 250 years of history to maintain.  Please help us by making a donation.  

Please remember to "Write a Note" with your donation to tell us

where you would like your gift to go:

 *the Steeple,  the Cemetery, or General Donation

*If you would like to make a donation to the Steeple in memory of someone ($25 or more),

please include the information with your donation ("write a note")

or give us a call at 570-366-1178.

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