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Luke Chapter 18 (Part 1)

Parable of the Unrighteous Judge

Read Luke 18:1-8

Read verse 1 - who is ''them"?   The disciples

- not to lose heart - over what?

If you consider the context of what Jesus is about to say, He is telling us not to lose heart over something you've been praying about for a long period of time.

This parable is not a comparison between the unrighteous judge and God, but rather it demonstrates the contrast between them. The widow was persistent - she annoyed the judge enough for him to grant her what she asked for so she would leave him alone. God, on the other hand, is not going to be annoyed by our continued prayers. He wants us to pray, He wants us to ask. Prayer is beneficial to us - it keeps our focus on God. It's a reminder of our reliance on Him. It helps us to maintain our faith and trust in God. By praying, we release the burdens of worry, and anxiety to God, and in exchange, He gives us His peace.

Read Phil 4:6- 7

This parable speaks about persistence in prayer (pray at all times and do not lose heart).

There was a similar lesson back in Luke chapter 11. (See the Bible Study Notes on Luke

chapter 11) Read Luke 11:5-8

Again, notice the contrast between the friend and God - like the parable of the unrighteous judge, this is not a comparison

Persistence - we are to be persistent in prayer. Sometimes, in order to maintain our faith, we need to talk to God about the problem that we are facing, and talk to Him about it repeatedly. He knows whether it is because of doubt and unbelief that you keep asking (which is not a demonstration of faith) or if it is a way for you to share your burdens with Him and build your faith and trust in Him.

Pray with the help of the word of God (the Bible). Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Read scriptures out loud. Find passages that address the problem you are facing, memorize them, speak them - this will build your faith. Remember, it is your faith that activates God's power in your life. How many times did Jesus say to people -your faith has made you well?

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