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Luke Chapter 19 (Part 2)

Parable of the Ten Mines

Read Luke 19:11-27

Verse 11 - This verse states the purpose of the parable - the disciples were wrong to assume that Jesus was going to bring in the kingdom immediately. Jesus knew from the very start of His ministry that He would have 2 comings.

  • When Jesus read the scroll from Isaiah when he was in Nazareth (Read Luke 4:18-19), the next part of the sentence in this prophecy is "and the day of vengeance of our God." That day will come with His 2nd coming. He only read the part that applied to His 1st coming. The fullness of the kingdom will come after the day of vengeance, also known as the Tribulation, which is the time of God's judgment and wrath on His enemies.

Verse 12- Who does the nobleman represent?    Jesus

Verse 13 - Who do the slaves represent?    Believers

  • Do business with this (mina) until I come back

  • What does this mean?    Do the work of the kingdom

  • What does the mina represent?    Spiritual gifts

  • They are the tools with which we can do the work of the kingdom

  • Read I Cor. 12:7, 11

  • The mina could also represent the way we used material things for kingdom purposes

  • Read Luke 16:8-9 (use wealth for spiritual benefit)

Verse 14 - Who do the citizens represent?    The Pharisees

  • The Pharisees rejected Jesus, and the new Covenant (see Luke 5:39 for a description of their attitude)

Verses 15-19 - This describes the business that was done by the slaves - they used what they were given to earn more. As believers, we are to use what we are given to help nurture and expand

the kingdom - Read Luke 16:l0a

Verse 20 - This slave represents those who do not use their gifts for the good of the kingdom

Verse 21 -Leaders delegate responsibility to others -the nobleman delegated responsibility to the


  • Jesus delegates responsibilities to us

Good leaders reward those who work for them - they reap the benefits from the work of others, but they also share the rewards, so the workers benefit as well. The nobleman rewarded the slaves by giving them authority over cities. Jesus will reward us in this way.

Read Revelation 20:6

Verses 22 -23 - Worthless slave -He did nothing with the mina. He didn't have to be a smart, aggressive businessman or investor. It doesn't take much effort to make a bank deposit! He made no effort - just excuses.

Verses 24-26- Compare to Luke 8:18

Verse 27 -These enemies (the citizens from verse 14)-This is what will happen to God's enemies when Jesus returns.   Read Revelation 19:19-21

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