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Luke Chapter 21 (Part 2)

Jesus' prophecies

Read Luke 21:5-33

Verse 6-the days will come - the temple will be destroyed

  • but if you look at what He says in v.8-11, He seems to be talking about more than that

Verse 7 - the questions - they seem to be about the temple

  • but again, Jesus' answer is about more than the temple

Verse 8 - this is talking about false Christs - there will many as we wait for His return

Verse 9- He talks about the end- of what? This Age

There are many parallel verses between Luke 21 and Matthew 24 - here is a list of some:

Luke                Matthew                Subject

21 :6                24:2                there will not be left one stone

21 :7                24:3                the questions (they differ - Luke and Matthew recorded Jesus' answers, but may not have included all of the questions that were asked. That may be why it appears (in Luke) that Jesus was answering questions that the disciples did not ask Him.)

21:8                24:5                false Christs

21:9                24:6                the end does not follow immediately

21:10                24:7                nation against nation

21:25                24:29                signs

21:27                24:30                they will see the Son of Man coming

21:29                24:32                parable of the fig tree

21:31                24:33                when you see, know the kingdom is near

21:32                24:34                this generation will not pass away

21:33                24:35                My words will not pass away

Verse 12 - But before all these things - Now Jesus goes back to answering their questions about

their time (the destruction of the temple)

  • Prophecy works in cycles-there are short term and long term fulfillments of prophecy. What happened in 70 AD ( the destruction of the temple) was a picture of what will happen in Israel in the end times, during the Tribulation.

Verses 13-15 - I will give you utterance - How? through the Holy Spirit

  • just like they couldn't resist or refute the things that Jesus said to His opponents

Verses 16-17 - Read Luke 13:51-53 (also Matt. 10:34-36)

Verses 18-19-Read Luke 6:22-23, and also Matt. 5:10-12

Verses 20-24-These are Jesus' instructions to the Jews who will be in Jerusalem at the time of its destruction (looking ahead to 70 AD). He gives similar instructions to the Jews who will be there in the end times.  Read Matt. 24:16-20

Verse 24 - This describes what happened 40 years later, in 70 AD

  • this was a prophecy that Jesus spoke of before in Luke -19:42-44, 13:34-35

  • Jesus' followers understood this prophecy- and this could be the real reason why Paul, 30 some years later, was making collections for the saints in Jerusalem. These people needed money so they could flee Jerusalem and relocate. Read verse 32-Those that heard Jesus' prophecy knew it would happen in their lifetime, so they did what they could to prepare.

Verses 24-25 - Now Jesus goes back to speaking about the end times

Verse 27 - Read Dan. 7:13 Rev. 1:7

Verse 28 - drawing near - He is sending a message to those who are still on the earth during the Tribulation - it lasts 7 years, so it's like He's telling them to "hold on" and count the days until

He comes

  • Verses 29-31 - a continuation of the message in verse 28 - He is telling them to know the signs and recognize them when they happen.

  • reminds me of when Jesus scolded the crowds for not recognizing the signs that their Messiah has come.  Read Luke 13:54-56

  • the fig tree is used as a symbol for Israel - "Behold the fig tree and all the trees" - all the trees means the other nations -the alignment of the nations during the end times (who's allied with who, etc.) is prophesied in the Old Testament- for example, Ezekiel chapter 38.

v.33 - Read II Pet. 3:10-13

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