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Luke Chapter 23

Pilate and Herod

Read Luke 23:1-25

Verse 2- Forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar - this is a lie (Luke 20:25)

  • Misleading our nation - a lie (He was trying to save them, they refused)

  • Saying He Himself is Christ - the truth ( they would not believe)

Verse 4 - I find no guilt - Verses 6- 7 - Was this Pilate's way of getting out of having to deal with this?

Verse 8 - Herod had no interest in who Jesus really was or in the message He was teaching. He only wanted to be "entertained" by witnessing a miracle.

Verse 10 - Jesus would not answer Herod - He gave Pilate more "respect"

Verse 11 -Herod treated Jesus badly because He wouldn't speak or "perform" a miracle for him

Verse 14-15 - Again, Pilate finds no guilt

Verse 18 - Who is "they?"

  • The answer is in verse 13 - the chief priests, the rulers and the people

  • Do you think the chief priests and rulers were doing things to influence the people? Threats, bribes?

  • Who are these people? Certainly not true believers or followers of Christ

  • Like Herod, many of them were there for "entertainment" - to see miracles. But they were so hard hearted that they would not believe in Jesus or His message (the purpose of the signs was to authenticate Jesus' words.) Like so many people today, they just went along with the majority of the crowd. God thinks of people, including believers, as sheep. Jesus referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd. Read John 10:11-16

Verse 18 - Barabbas - This is not just a man's name - Bar in Hebrew means "son of"

  • Read Matt 16:17 (Simon, son of Jonah)

  • Abba in Hebrew means "father"

  • Read Rom. 8:14-16

  • The name Barabbas means son of the father

  • Who is Jesus? The Son of the Father

  • Jesus was the substitute for Barabbas -Jesus died, Barabbas was freed from punishment

  • Jesus is our substitute - He took on the punishment for our sins and died for us - we are freed from punishment and have eternal life.

Verse 22 - Pilate, for a 3rd time, declares Jesus' innocence and wants to release Him (see verses 4, 16)

  • Read Mark 15:10 (he was aware of their envy)

  • Read Matt. 27:19 (his wife's dream)

  • Read John 19:6-8 (Son of God)

Verse 23 - Their voices began to prevail Why?

  • Read Mark 15:15 (wishing to satisfy the crowd)

  • Read Matt. 27:24 (riot)

  • Read John 19:12 (no friend of Caesar)

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