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Luke Chapter 8

Jesus demonstrates His power

Read Luke 8:22-56

1. Power over nature

Verse 25—"Where is your faith?"—Jesus told the disciples in verse 22 that He intended to go to the other side of the lake. But the disciples had more belief in the danger from the storm than in the safety (protection) they had from being with Jesus.​

What is the lesson for us?

Have faith, keep your focus on God, and have the patience to wait out the storm.​

2. Power over the demonic realm

Verse 28—compare to Luke 4:33-34

cried out with a loud voice

what business do we have with each other

do not torment me / have you come to destroy us?

Jesus commanded the spirit to come out / Jesus rebuked the spirit to come out

What do we learn from these passages?

The evil spirits fear Jesus, and they know that they must obey Jesus. They needed His permission to enter the swine.

3. Power over sickness and death

Notice the role of faith:

Verse 48—"your faith has made you well"

Luke 5:12—the leper said to Him "Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean." This statement is a demonstration of faith in Jesus' ability to heal.

Luke 5:20—"Seeing their faith" (the friends of the paralytic) Jesus forgave his sins and healed him.

Luke 7:9—Talking about the centurion, Jesus said "not even in Israel have I found such great faith."

Luke 7:50—"your faith has saved you" (He said to the sinful woman at His feet.)

Luke 8:48—So when Jesus said to the woman with the hemorrhage, "Your faith has made you well," this served as a witness to Jairus (who was there in the crowd). This incident may have helped him to believe for "the impossible." In verse 50, Jesus tells Jairus "only believe (have faith) and she will be made well."

Jesus has the power over sickness and death—but our faith plays a part in activating that power.

Verse 50—Jesus said to Jairus "do not be afraid...only believe"—fear is the opposite of faith.

Faith is trusting God. Fear expresses doubt.

Verse 51—Notice that Jesus did not allow anyone else in the room. He wanted to keep away from unbelief—faith is what is needed. Read Matthew 13:54-58.

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