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Zion's "Red" Church and Cemetery - 1825

Taken and a gift by Guy F. Walborn

1883 Photo.jpg

Zion's Lutheran & Reformed Church

built in 1799 near Orwigsburg, PA

Photo by Deibirt 1883


Interior of Main Audience Room - Looking from Chancel

Interior 1803.jpg

Showing about one half interior, facing chancel.

Pulpit and Altar of 1803 Restored. Old organ, purchased 1803.

Altar chairs made of wood from old church, By Charles N. Bodey

Sesquicentennial Audience 1905.jpg

Zion Church - Part of the Sesquicentennial Audience

October 8th, 1905

October 1905.jpg

During the Sunday Afternoon Exercises of the Historical Society

October 8th, 1905

Sesquicentennial Gathering.jpg

Sesquicentennial Gathering

Sesquicentennial Surroundings.jpg

Sesquicentennial Surroundings

Neighborhood View.jpg

Neighborhood View


Zion Church - Showing Platform from which Historical Society Exercises were conducted.

Approaching from Westward.jpg

Approaching from Westward - Showing young maple trees replacing the stately old pine trees which great age had rendered too weak longer to withstand the storms.

Martha Bannan.jpg

Photographs taken and presented by Miss Martha R. Bennan

Zion - On road coming from Orwigsburg - Shulp's Hill on right, in front.

Photo by Miss Martha R. Bennan

God's Acre.jpg

God's Acre - Looking from front door of Zion Church

July 1936.jpg

Picture of the Church, dedicated in 1770.

Presented by Mrs. Ida Gerber (nee Sechler). July 19, 1936

August 1941.jpg

Zion's (Red) Church

August 1941

Restful Zion.jpg

Lovely, Peaceful, Restful, Blessed Zion!

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