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James Chapter 2
Part 2: The Relationship between Faith and Works

Read James 2:14-26

The Relationship between Faith and Works 

   - Faith without Works 

         Verse 14 - If you say you have faith but you do no actions to prove you have faith, is your faith genuine?

                             (Can that faith save him?) 


         Read Eph. 2:8-10 - Here, Paul reminds us that it is not our works that bring us salvation 

         Verse 18 - James reminds us that our works demonstrate our faith 


         Verse 19 - the demons believe 

               - but they do no good works and do not revere or obey God

         Verse 20 - useless faith 

               - connect to Verse 16 (you "say" without doing anything to help) 

               - connect to Verse 17 - dead faith 


   - Faith Perfected by Works (Verse 22) 

         Abraham - he proved that he believed God through his actions (Verse 21)

         Verse 24 - we are justified by works, not by faith alone 

               - connect to Verse 21 , Verse 25 (Rahab) 

        Verse 26 - connect to Verse 1 7 

(pt. 1)

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