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James Chapter 2
Part 1: Living out your faith, in service toward others, without favoritism

Read James 2:1-13 


Living Out Your Faith 

   In Service Toward Others

      Without favoritism 

         Verse 3 - "say" - connect to James 1 :26 (using the tongue to sin- showing partiality)

               Verse 4 - such behavior is evil 

         Verse 5 -God's chosen - Read I Cor. 1:26-29

         Verse 8 - ''the royal law" 

               -connect to James 1 :25 - the perfect law, the law of liberty 

               - Let the text define itself - "You shall love your neighbor as yourself' 

         Verse 9- connect to verse 4-(commit sin by becoming judges) 

               - what law?- royal law, law of liberty, law of grace-we sin when we do not extend grace to everyone (we favor                                          some while judging others)

                         Read Matt.7:1-3 


(part 2)

(pt. 2)

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