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James Chapter 1
Part 1: Trials and Temptation


Who is James? 

     Brother of John? (son of Zebedee) 

             No, because this James was martyred early on (Acts 12:1-2)

     Half brother of Jesus? (Matt. 13:55) 

             Yes - he was the leader of the Jerusalem church 

             Read Acts 15:1-2, 7-11, 13-20-this "Jerusalem Council" took place in AD 49

                Josephus tells us that James was martyred in AD 62. Scholars believe this epistle was written before the    

                Jerusalem Council, so probably between Ad 45 and 48. 


Chapter 1 

Read James chapter 1 


Trials and Temptation 


Verse 2 - What is a trial? 

     If you let the text define itself, verse 3 tells us it is a testing of your faith 


Verse 4 - What does it mean to be perfect?     Spiritually mature 

     Trials produce spiritual maturity 


Verses 6-8 - Faith is absolute trust in God 

     Verse 8 - Someone who is double minded has not committed to faith in God 


Verses 9-11 - Realize that in whatever situation, or station in life that you find yourself, it is not permanent 


Verse 12-The crown of life - Read Revelation 2:10 


Verse 13 - What is temptation? 

     If you let the text define itself, verses 13-15 tell us the following: 

        - it is brought on by evil, 

        - we are tempted when we are carried away by our own lust 

        - it produces sin, that leads to death 


Verse 16-Do not be deceived about what? 

    The fact that God does not tempt. God is the source of good, (verse 17) 

(pt. 2)

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