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James Chapter 3
Controlling Your Tongue, 
Controlling Your Thoughts


Chapter 1 - spiritual maturity in dealing with trials and temptation, being a doer of the word


    1. Living Out Your Faith in Spiritual Maturity

        A. In Service toward others 

            Without favoritism 

        B. The relationship between faith and works

            Faith without works (dead, useless) 

            Faith perfected by works (example of Abraham) 


Chapter 3 

Read James chapter 3 


        C. In Holiness 

            1. Controlling Your Tongue 


The ability to control your tongue is a mark of spiritual maturity. 


    Verse I - Those who teach, ought to be spiritually mature

        Read Luke 6:39, 41-42 

        - connect to James 2: 12-13 

            - Teachers must take their position seriously and live a life that is a good example to 

                others. They must show mercy (patience and understanding) toward others - they must make an effort to

               relate to others +this reminds me of Paul - Read I Cor. 9:19-23 


    Verse 2- "perfect" - connect to James 1:4 (spiritual maturity) 

        - "bridle" - control your speech, control your body (keep it from sin) 

            - it is most difficult to control our speech (verses 3-5 explain this) 

        - connect to verse 1 - often, to teach is to "say" 

        - we all stumble - and we all stumble especially in our speech at times Read verse 8 

            - notice how James includes himself here - "we" 

            - but be a doer and make an effort! - connect to James I: 19 (slow to speak) 

        - connect to James 1 :26-27 

            Pure and undefiled religion - Service and Holiness - Conduct and Character 

              Also - controlling your speech! (he who does not bridle his tongue, his religion is worthless) 

                  - connect to James 2:20- (faith without works is useless) 


    Verse 5 - our words can do a lot of damage 


    Verse 6 - Read Matthew 15:11,18-20; 12:36-37 


                      Read Proverbs: 

                           10:19,  11:13,  13:3,  15:1,  15:28,  17:28,  18:6-7,  18:13,  18:21,  21:23 


        2. Living Wisely - Controlling Your Thoughts 


The ability to control your thoughts is a mark of spiritual maturity. 


    Verse 13 - "in the gentleness of wisdom" - not showing off

            - connect to James 1 :5 -wisdom is a gift from God 

        Verses 14-16 are a contrast to what is described in verse 13

           - connect to James 1:14-16 (selfish ambition) 

                Verse 14 - connect to verse 2 (lie, stumble in what he says) 

                    - Read Matt. 12:34 

                    - If you have thoughts of jealousy and selfish ambition, what should you do? 

                        - do what the end of the verse says - "do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth" 

                            - instead confess it and ask for forgiveness (and wisdom on how to deal with this "trial" of the mind) 

                                - verses 15-16 - the origin of these thoughts are not from above 


    Verse 17 - continues the description of verse 13 

        - pure motives - "without hypocrisy" 

            - hypocrisy- saying one thing (to look good), but doing another 

                    - the definition of hypocrisy - a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not: behavior

                        that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

        - Verse 18 - a hypocrite will not sow seeds of righteousness 

(pt. 2)

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