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James Chapter 5
Justice is Coming,
Instructions for Living the Christian Life

Read James Chapter 5


Chapter 1 – spiritual maturity in dealing with trials and temptation, being a doer of the word

Chapter 2

    1. Living Out Your Faith in Spiritual Maturity

        A. In Service toward others

                Without favoritism

        B. The relationship between faith and works

                Faith without works (dead, useless)

                Faith perfected by works (example of Abraham)

Chapter 3

        C. In Holiness

                1. Controlling Your Tongue

                2. Living Wisely – Controlling Your Thoughts

Chapter 4

        D. In Humility

                Keep selfishness in check and submit to God

 Chapter 5

        E. In Patience

                Justice is coming (for the unrighteous rich)

v.1 – “come now” - connect to 4:13-17 (arrogance – 4:15 “instead you ought to say”)

                                                                    4:16- 17 - “but as it is . . .knows the right thing to do” – a sinner)

    v.3-6 – “stored up your treasure” - (selfishness) - Read Luke 12:15-21

                   “lived luxuriously” - Read Luke 16:19-21, 25

                   "in the last days” – prophetic description of our times?

From 4:13 through 5:6, James is addressing the unrighteous. Then Verse 7 – “my brethren”

v.7-8 - “Therefore be patient” – because justice is coming

            Be patient until – When He comes, Jesus will bring justice – judgment of the unrighteous

                    Read Hebrews 10:30, then 10:26-31

v.8 – like the farmer, you too, be patient – connect to 1:12 (Perseverance)

v.9 – The Judge (Jesus) is standing at the door - connect to v.8 (the coming of the Lord is near)

        - “do not complain” - to complain is to “say” – connect to 1:19 (slow to speak)

                                                                                        - connect to 1:26 (bridle the tongue)

                                                                                        - connect to 3:5-6 (the tongue is a fire)

                                                                                       - connect to 3:8-10 (blessing and cursing)

                                                                                       - connect to 4:11-12 (judging a brother)

        -“so that you yourselves may not be judged” - connect to 2:13 (judgment will be merciless to one

                                                                                                                            who has shown no mercy)

v.10 – the prophets are an example for us – suffering and patience

        v. 11 – we count those blessed who endured – connect to 1 :3, 4, 12

Instructions for Living the Christian Life

v.12 – do not swear or take an oath – always speak truth, live with integrity

v.9 – tells us “do not complain against each other” – in contrast, v. 13-20 tell us how we should take care

               of each other

v. 13-16 – pray

            v.16 – (the effective prayer) connect to 1 : 6-8

v.17-18 – again, the prophets are an example for us – connect to v.16 (the effective prayer of a righteous

                                                                                                                                  man can accomplish much)

v. 19-20 - Read Proverbs 11:30

                               Matthew 18:15

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