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James Chapter 4
Keep selfishness in check and
Submit to God

Read James chapter 4 



Chapter 1 - spiritual maturity in dealing with trials and temptation, being a doer of the word

Chapter 2 

    1. Living Out Your Faith in Spiritual Maturity

            A. In Service toward others 

                Without favoritism 

            B. The relationship between faith and works

                Faith without works (dead, useless) 

                Faith perfected by works (example of Abraham)

Chapter 3 

            C. In Holiness 

                1. Controlling Your Tongue 

                2. Living Wisely - Controlling Your Thoughts 


Chapter 4 

            D. In Humility 

                Keep Selfishness in Check & Submit to God 


Verses 1-2 - connect with James 3:16

        your pleasure/selfish ambition

        envious/ jealousy 

        fight and quarrel/disorder 


Verse 2 - "you do not have because you do not ask" 

        - by doing so, we keep God out of the equation, we try to live life on our own 


Verse 3 - "you ask with wrong motives" 

        - this is not acting with wisdom and understanding - connect to James 3: 13 

        - connect to James 3: 14 - the motive of selfish ambition 


Verse 4 - "friendship with the world" 

        - connect to James 1:27 (Keep oneself unstained by the world) 

        - the world promotes selfish behavior (personal pleasure, personal gain) 

        Read Romans 8:5-8, I John 2:15-16, Matthew 6:24, John 15:19 


Verse 5 - Read I Corinthians 6:19-20, II Corinthians 6:16-17 


Verse 6 - Read Psalm 138:6, Matthew 23:12 


Verse 7 - resist the urge to be selfish 


Verses 7-10-Humility is where you will find grace from God (see verse 6)


Verse 8 - double-minded 

        - connect to James 1 :8 (unstable - purify your hearts and commit to your faith in God) 


Verse 9-10 - Let God exalt you, do not exalt yourself

        Read Luke 14:7-11 


Verses 11-12- connect to James 2:13 (judgment vs. mercy) 

        - God is the judge - we are to be humble 

        - it is arrogant to judge others (we cannot save or destroy) 

                - we should, however, be discerning when it comes to sin  (hate the sin, but love the sinner) 


Verses 13-15 - do not be presumptuous - we can plan our future, but we must realize that God can change our plans

       - we must recognize His sovereignty and submit to His will for our lives 


Verse 16- connect to James 3:8 


Verse 17 - "the right thing to do" - (be a doer of the word - be humble before man and God)

        - connect to James 2:16, 18, 26 

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