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James Chapter 1
Part 2: Being a Doer of the Word

If you haven't done so already, read James chapter 1.

Being a Doer of the Word

Verse 19 - Remember that the context is trials - do not respond to trials with anger

        Connect this to verse 2 - consider it all joy when you encounter various trials 


        Verse 20 - What DOES achieve righteousness? 

             - belief in God's word (see verse 21) 

             - the ability to persevere under trial - connect to verse 12 (the crown of life) 

         Read Eph. 4:26-27 


Verse 21 - "receive" - God's word is a gift- connect this to verse 17 

        - The word implanted, which is able to save your souls - Read Romans 10:8-9 


Verse 22 - "delude themselves" 

        - connect this to verse 5 (recognize that you lack wisdom, and ask God for it) 

                - a hearer deludes himself, a doer operates with wisdom 


Verses 22-24 - "prove yourselves" 

        - connect this to verse 19 (be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger) 


Verse 25 - to "look intently" is to study 

        - The law of liberty (law of grace)- as opposed to the Old Testament law 

        - blessed- connect this to verse 12 


      How do we endure trials? - Be a doer of the word (respond to trials and temptations the way God's word instructs

                                                         - consider it all joy, be slow to anger) 


Verse 26 - "bridle his tongue" 

        - connect this to verse 19 (be slow to speak) 

        - connect this to verse 22 (bridling your tongue is a way to prove yourself a doer) 


What does it mean to be religious? 

        If you let the text define itself: 

             -From verse 19, we are told that our actions are important (be a doer of the word)

               And then verse 26 tells us to bridle our tongues - our words are also important 


        Verse 27 - Speaks about living out your faith in: 

                     SERVICE and HOLINESS

                    CONDUCT and CHARACTER 

(pt. 1)

(part 1)

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