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Sermon Notes
December 10, 2023

Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

"Our Hopes Fulfilled, Our Faith Magnified, God's Peace Arrives"

Peace, our candle today, represents harmony, goodwill, calm, quiet, tranquility, and serenity.  It also means cease-fire.  The stopping of fighting, of war.  It is closely entwined with our hope of an optimistic outcome, of courage, faith, desire and dreams. For those celebrating Hannukah this week, peace seems far away.  Let us keep them and all who are suffering in our prayers. 

Every week, we state our hope to each other, Peace be with you. 

One of the key tasks I have as pastor is the passing on of hope. “Open our eyes,” we pray. Hope-filled dreams have a way of shaping what it is we are enabled to see. They are like lenses that train us to interpret and to act in the present.  

Peace, hope and joy are contained within the promise of the one who is coming.  Thank goodness, we know this right now.  We have peeked and opened the gift emboldened by our faith and our knowledge that Jesus has already come.  Our salvation has been guaranteed.   

So, what is your vision? What is your hope? How is your faith thriving? Where do you find peace?  Do you live in and obsess about in the past about what could have been? Or do you live into that future with faith where God is always walking with you.  I challenge you to continue into this Advent season in the confidence and belief that you, yes you, with the Holy Spirit within you, can advance God’s kingdom on earth. 

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