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Sermon Notes
December 17, 2023

Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

"A Girl Named Mary"

Today, our remaining Advent candles represent joy and love.  Certainly the love of Christ for us.  Yet, I would like to think it represents Mary’s overwhelming love, joy, and trust of God the Father and then his son.  Mystery surrounds Mary, the human mother of Jesus.   Why was she chosen? What was so special about her? Like Joseph, she was descended from the House of David.  Betrothed to Joseph, her marriage was promise made from her family to his as was the custom.  Then, suddenly, her whole world was turned upside down. 

Mary allowed God to radically change her life.  She trusted God to be there for her.  She did not whine about what God asked of her.  She did not say I’d rather not be a pariah in my town.  She did not stop listening to Gabriel, saying, “I have to rush off to see my fiancé now.”   She did not cry that her wedding was ruined.  Mary, made her own independent decision of what should happen to her body, accepting God’s choice for her.  Remarkable.  Courageous.  Incredibly mature.   

Mary’s story challenges us to consider emulating her actions and say yes to God’s call to us.  Her unbounding and faithful love of God invites us to imitate her. 

Her love had a profound effect on all our lives.  How can Christ’s love within us help us to share this love with others?  As we prepare for the Christ child coming, may we all magnify the Lord and rejoice in the joy that is Jesus.  Not just today but in all the days to follow.   We are here, in this building, with each other, because of the Good News of Jesus Christ, born of Mary. Hallelujah. Amen!  

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