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Sermon Notes
February 18, 2024

Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

"A Rainbow, the Cross, and Baptism"


We have already started our Lenten Journey.  It can be one of repentance and renewal.  It can be one of sacrifice and soul-searching.  In my mind, it is hard to separate thinking about Lent from thinking about sin and it is clear those who created the Lectionary we follow thought the same thing. 

 As I was reading all our lectionary texts, I looked to see the connection between them.  All of these texts are related to our sin.  And what God does for us to lessens sin’s consequences: the Covenant  after the Flood with the sign of the Rainbow, sending Jesus to earth, and our baptism with the Holy Spirit.   

Jesus experienced hell on earth in the torture he endured and his protracted death on the cross.  It is unlikely that most of us will suffer as he did.  Those who have sacrificed their lives for our country also know this.  Our first responders do as well.

            The knowledge of these sacrifices for me unleashes waves of gratitude.  These acts allow us to live our lives with greater freedom.  Freedom from sin, freedom from tyranny, freedom from fear.  God’s promise to us is that he will redeem us, not destroy us. 

During our journey forward through Lent, God is with us, anticipating the death of his Son.  As God shed his grace upon us, let us do the same with others who need it now more than ever.   Be a blessing.  Amen

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