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Sermon Notes
March 3, 2024

Rev. Dr. Jan Remer-Osborn

"The Ten Commandments:  God's Living Words"


We have all grown up with the importance of the “Ten Commandments.”  Memorized in Sunday School and confirmation, they have become part of our culture inscribed on our monuments. 

While preparing this sermon on the 10 commandments, I asked myself, “Which one do we struggle to keep the most?”  What do you think?

We say that we want God to demonstrate sovereignty and power in our lives.  Yet, what we have wanted from the beginning of time, it seems, is our own power.  Hence, the story of Adam eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Adam, with everything he had, wanted more.  Our pride, our hubris leads us into thinking that we can be, basically, our own God.  In control of our own lives and even better, others.  We want power, want influence.

When our world becomes all about what we want, crave, desire, and long for, we have forgotten and denied our God’s provisions for us.  We are ignoring the commandment of God and Jesus.

We are encouraged to strive with the Holy Spirit to make Christ our primary yearning, our number one wish.  Let us also desire to reach out and provide for others, putting them first.  Let us trust God to provide. Think and pray about the difference that would make in your lives. Fear and anxiety would be gone.  Envy and greed would diminish.  Love would flourish.  The Commandments are life lessons to follow.  Let us remember this as we share at the Lord’s table today.  From our mouths to God’s ears, we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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