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Luke Chapter 11
Teachings on Prayer


Read Luke 11:1-13


Verse 8 - Persistence - the friend will get up not because of the relationship, but because of

  his persistence - (he just wants to be left alone - so to get rid of him quickly, he’ll get up)


Verse 9 - Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened - all this      because of relationship with God (through Christ)


Notice the contrast between the friend and God - this is not a comparison

    Persistence -  the lesson here is yes, to be persistent in prayer - prayer in general -  

       communication with God

        - But we should not interpret persistence as asking God for the same thing over and over

            again.  Ask once and believe that God heard you - then be persistent in thanking Him and

            then look forward to its manifestation.  If you keep asking for the same things over and

            over, it is as if you doubt that God heard you the first time.  This does not demonstrate



Verse 10 - Notice it says “for everyone” - God does not show favoritism  - don’t ever think that    you are not worthy to receive.


Back to verse 9 - “so I say to you, ask” - God knows what you need before you ask (Matt. 6:8) -  but He wants you to ask.  James 4:2 says “You do not have because you do not ask”

    - Why does God want us to ask?

        It keeps up humble

        It demonstrates our reliance on God

        It reminds us that all good gifts come from God - He is the source of all blessings

(part 2)

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