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Luke Chapter 22
Jesus' Last Teachings

Read Luke 22:24-38 


Who's the greatest? 

Verse 27 -Jesus is our example-John records how He washed the disciples' feet

      Read John 13:12-15 


You will sit on thrones 

Verse 30- The 11 disciples (no Judas) + Paul(?) will judge the 12 tribes of lsrael during the

     millennial reign of Christ - part of the purpose of these 1000 years is to fulfill the promises

      made to Israel 



Verse 31 - Satan needs permission to put someone through a trial Read Job 1 :6-12 


Verse 32- We can pray for other people (and ourselves) for protection from the enemy 

        - part of the Lord's prayer says "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" 

        - But, like Jesus, we should also pray that our faith does not fail 

                - We can also strengthen our faith - How? 

                          - Read and study the Bible 

                                - Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10: 17) 


Verse 32 is also a prophecy about Peter's denial of Jesus 

         - "Once you have turned again," (once he comes back to Jesus and receives forgiveness). 

              Surely he felt bad about denying Jesus -he wept bitterly-he acted out of fear, rather

              than faith. After the resurrection, Peter went fishing - back to his old way of life - but

              Jesus appeared and restored his confidence and put him back on track for his true

              purpose in life.  Read John 21:15-19 


Verse 32- Strengthen your brothers - Peter became the leader of the disciples and the early


Verse 33- I think Peter genuinely believed what he said- but he needed to go through some

           testing, as we all do. Read James 1:2-4 - Trials result in spiritual growth. 


Verse 34- This is a more detailed explanation of what Jesus alluded to in verse 32 when Jesus

            prayed that his faith would not fail. Peter denied Jesus because his faith was overcome

            with fear - but it did not fail - he was immediately remorseful. When he went fishing (what

            we just read in John 21), notice the other disciples went with him- I don't think they did

            this because they were abandoning their mission - I think they just didn't know what else

            to do with themselves at that time. 


Hostility is coming 


Verse 35 - Describes the time when the word about Jesus was first being spread. Those that

            accepted the message provided for the messengers. Those that did not accept the

            message did not get violent, they just rejected the messengers, and so they peacefully

            moved on. 


Verses 36-38- Things will be different now 

         Read Luke 12:51-52, Matthew 10:34 

        - The disciples will need to be able to provide for and protect themselves. They will

            encounter a lot of hostility and will experience a lot of persecution. The book of Acts tells

            us a lot about what Paul went through. In the coming years, Christians were being sought

           out and targeted with violence. 

(part 2)

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