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Luke Chapter 24
Part One: The road to Emmaus

Read Luke 24:13-27 


Verse 16 - Their eyes were prevented from recognizing Him 

         This reminds me of what happened in Luke 9:45 and 18:34 


Verse 18-Are you the only one? (see Luke 23:48-all the crowds) 

      - Everyone had to know what happened - the darkness, the veil 

               - Matthew tells us there was an earthquake, rocks split, and tombs opened up - it was                      quite a spectacular event that could not go without notice. 

      - If everyone knew what happened, then everyone had a decision to make - to believe or

          refuse to believe. Luke 23:48 tells us that all the crowds who were gathered at the cross

          came to believe (they beat their breasts in mourning and repentance). Matthew 27:54

        tells us that the centurion and those who were with him keeping guard came to believe.

          But we also know that throughout Jesus' ministry, many of the Pharisees refused to

          believe, even though they witnessed His miracles, and saw how He fulfilled all the

          prophecies. After all this, many still refused. And sadly, there are many who still refuse



Verses 23-24 - These 2 disciples knew the reports about the empty tomb, and what the angels

    said, but they did not believe (v.17 tells us they looked sad). Peter didn't believe the women

    either, but he at least ran to the tomb to check it out. These 2 disciples didn't even bother to

    stay in Jerusalem - if there was a chance to see Jesus, that would have been the logical place

    to look! 

         Verse 25 -Jesus calls them foolish and slow of heart to believe  

              - All that the prophets have spoken 

                      - Verse 26 - Was it not necessary? - Everything that happened was according to

                                                                                           God's plan 

                               - Verse 27 - In all the Scriptures 

                                            Read Deut. 18:15, Micah 5:2, Isaiah 53, Dan. 7:13-14 

(part 2)

(part 2)


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