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Luke Chapter 20
Part One: Parable of the vinedressers

Read Luke 20:9-18

Who does the owner represent? God

Who do the vinedressers represent? Israel 

Who do the slaves that were sent represent? Prophets

    Read Luke 11:47-50 


Verse 14 - Is this what the chief priests, scribes and elders actually thought? (Remember,

    Jesus could read their thoughts) This is a demonstration of their arrogance, their lack of a

    fear of God, their sense of entitlement ( descendants of Abraham, keepers of the law) 


Verse 16 - the Jewish leaders understood enough to know that the parable was spoken about

    them (see verse 19) 

           - will give the vineyard to others (lower class Jews, sinners, and even Gentiles) 


Verse 7 -Jesus is that stone (Psalm 118:22) 


Verse 18 - on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust - Read Daniel 2:34-35 

(part 2)

(part 2)


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