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Luke Chapter 20
Part Two: Jesus and the Sadducees

Read Luke 20:27-47 


Verse 27 - Who were the Sadducees? Another sect (like the Pharisees), who were also part of the

    Jewish leadership class (Sanhedrin) 


Verse 33 - in the resurrection- this was another attempt at trying to trap Jesus in His words (they

    did not believe in the resurrection) 


Verse 35 -those who are considered worthy-how can you be considered worthy? Accept Jesus &

    the New Covenant 

           - would the Sadducees have been worthy? 

                    - they do not believe in the resurrection - Read I Cor. 15: 12-17 

                               - belief in the resurrection is fundamental to the Christian faith 

                   - they would have needed to change their mind on the resurrection - within a week of

                       these events, Jesus own resurrection would have been a witness to them-perhaps

                        some came to be considered worthy 


Verse 36 - angels do not die - we will be like them, in that respect. But angels are angels and

     mankind is mankind. The idea that we become angels when we die is false. 

     Read I Peter 1:12 (speaking of the prophets) 

              - angels long to look into the redemption of mankind - they were not created with the

                  need for redemption. We were created with free will - without free will, you cannot truly

                  love. God wanted us, his family, to love Him freely and truly. That requires a choice on

                  our part. The angels are God's servants - often tasked with helping us, His children. 

             - sons of God - Read Gal. 3:26 


Verse 37 -Jesus is showing the Sadducees the error of their belief system (no resurrection) 


Verse 41 - Jesus asks them a question they cannot answer without getting "stuck" (see v.3) 

         - David's Son-Remember in chapter 18, how the blind man called Jesus Son of David- a

              Messianic term. 

                   - if there is no resurrection, how can David live to know the Christ? 


Verse 42-from Psalm 110 

        sit ... until- Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father (see Apostles Creed) until He

             comes again 


Verses 46-47 -Jesus warns all the people against the scribes (verse 45 tells us that all were


         - He does this in the presence and hearing of those scribes, and no doubt the other Jewish


         - these will receive greater condemnation - remember, there are different levels of


                   -they did things for outward appearance, but were hypocrites 

(part 1)


(part 1)

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